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  • Surface mounted LED batten light
  • Lightweight powder coated aluminium housing
  • Shatter resistant polycarbonate diffuser
  • Direct mounting (no brackets required)
  • Provides excellent light distribution using Tricolour SMD LED technology
  • Select either 3000k, 4000k, or 6500k light colour temperature setting


This LED batten is made with an energy efficient, tubeless design in order to keep electricity costs down. It’s also built with a shatter-resistant polycarbonate diffuser to ensure it’s long lasting.

Modern LED battens are the modern equivalent of fluorescent tube lighting. LED battens use the traditional shape of tube lighting but with the energy saving benefits of LED. This means you save time and money, with LED lighting needing far less maintenance and replacement parts. Further, compared to traditional tube lighting, these lights are more stylish, working with a wide variety of commercial needs.

With its modern, and practical design, this LED batten light is ideal for use in many situations. These include communal areas, e.g. carparks, garages, stairwells and corridors; Industrial building such as workshops, factories and other industrial environments; This led batten light is also useful for storage areas, schools and public amenities.

Our 1230mm long, 40W model can be directly mounted, meaning no brackets are required. Our 40w model also comes with options of a Lithium-ion backup battery, motion sensor or both; for added security and piece of mind.

Not the exact batten light you were looking for? Browse our other commercial batten lights, including weatherproof options. Or view our 40W model with backup and motion sensor options (or both backup and sensor). If you are looking for advice on the best light for your needs, contact the team at Globex today.


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