Ceiling Mount Exit Only – Box Type LED Exit


ENERGY EFFICIENT LED – Low 2.7W standby power consumption.
ONE BOX SOLUTION – Comes with both single and double sided decals in Running man
“Pictograph” and the “EXIT” decal.
EASY INSTALL – Comes with large terminal block & cable entry.
LONG LIFE LED – Energy efficient, Long life LED.


  • Description                                 LED Exit Light, 24metre viewing distance
  • Construction                               Polycarbonate Body with Polycarbonate Diffuser
  • Mounting                                  Wall, Ceiling Signle-Sided & Ceiling Double -Sided
  • Dimensions L x M x H                         378mm x 160mm x 204mm
  • Operating Mede                             Maintained
  • Testing System                                N/A – Manual Test Switch
  • Charging Method Constant Current (16hrs), Pulse Charge (Standby)
  • Lamp(s)                                     LED
  • Operating Voltage                            240V AC, 50Hz
  • Operating Consumption                       3 Watts (Standby)
  • IP Rating                                   IP20
  • Operating Temperature                        1°C to 40°C
  • AS/NZ2293 Classification                      C0=E2.5 C90=D2.0
  • Viewing Distance                            24m