Quick Connect – Blade Style – Exit Light Universal


ENERGY EFFICIENT LED – Low 2.7W standby power consumption.
ONE BOX SOLUTION – Comes with both single and double sided decals in Running man
“Pictograph” and the “EXIT” decal.
EASY INSTALL – Comes with large terminal block & cable entry.
LONG LIFE LED – Energy efficient, Long life LED.

Quick Connect Blade Exit Light

All the best features of the blade exit with its razor thin body, except, it incorporates the quick connect feature that our customers love, this makes installing this light a breeze and it looks fantastic on the ceiling.


  • Description                               LED Exit Light, 24metre viewing distance
  • Construction                              Polycarbonate Body with Polycarbonate Diffuser
  • Mounting                                 Wall, Ceiling Signle-Sided & Ceiling Double -Sided
  • Dimensions L x M x H                       350mm x 73mm x 220mm
  • Operating Mede                           Maintained
  • Testing System                            N/A – Manual Test Switch
  • Charging Method                          Constant Current (16hrs), Pulse Charge (Standby)
  • Lamp(s)                                  LED
  • Operating Voltage                           240V AC, 50Hz
  • Operating Consumption                     3 Watts (Standby)
  • IP Rating                                  IP20
  • Operating Temperature                      1°C to 40°C
  • AS/NZ2293 Classification                     C0=E2.5 C90=D2.0
  • Viewing Distance                         24m