ROYAL CMD - 10 Year Carbon Monoxide Alarm

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ROYAL CMD – 10 Year Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The Royal Smoke Alarms ROYAL CMD –  Carbon Monoxide Detector with 10 Year Battery + Warranty is an absolute game-changer in the Australian Market.  This 10-year smoke alarm comes with a wealth of features including no wiring installation, a 10-year warranty and a 10-year labour warranty.

ROYAL CMD – Interconnected RF Carbon Monoxide Detector 10 Year Battery + Warranty

  • A photoelectric, 10 years sealed lithium battery carbon alarm
  • and includes a test/hush button and visual indicators

Why Should You Buy This 10 Year Interconnected RF Carbon Monoxide Alarm?

  1. WARRANTY: We back our product, we offer a warranty as long as it’s guaranteed 10 years of operation with 10 years of labour warranty included.
  2. 10 YEAR BATTERY – 3v DC 10 year Lithium Sealed battery, no need to ever change the battery.

  3. Convenient Test Button – Big test button right in the centre of the fitting, as well as light strobes and flashing to gain attention
  4. Australian Standards Approved – Fully compliant to the Australian market

Technical Data Sheet – ROYAL CMD

Detection Method: Carbon Monoxide Detector Sensor

Power: 3v DC 10 year Lithium Sealed battery

Power Backup: N/A

Operating Current: <60mA at 3V;

Standby <0.04 mW

Alarm sound: 85 dB at 3m minimum

Low battery indication: 1 LED (red for warning & low battery)

Alarm duration: 10 min for hush

Alarm indication:Sound: alarm; Visual: 1 LED – red for warning & Low battery)

Temperature: 0-45C

Humidity: 5-95%

Size: 140mm x 39mm

Warranty: 10 YEARS

Compliance: AS 3786:2014/amdt 2:2018

Do I have to change the battery on this 10-year carbon alarm?

No, the best thing about this carbon alarm is the fact that it has a 10 year sealed lithium battery that never needs changing, after 10 years just simply purchase a new carbon alarm and you are good to go for another 10 years. Globex Lighting is proud to be a wholesaler for Royal Smoke Alarms.

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